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My Story.



Adam Dudley is a serial entrepreneur who has overcome unbelievable odds to get where he is today. Also known as “Hank,” Adam was born on October 30th, 1990 in Charlottesville, VA. He is the youngest of three boys with two younger sisters, and they were raised without a father.

As a young man, Adam sought attention from other male influences and a genuine sense of belonging. Without a father figure in his life, he found this in the streets near his home. This decision got him running around with the wrong crowd and this quickly led to trouble. He was gaining the independence that he wanted but in all of the wrong ways. One afternoon when he was 14 years old,  Adam was headed home from school when another teenager stabbed him several times in the back. As he bled profusely, he staggered home where he was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Doctors revealed to Adam that the knife missed his heart by mere inches. As Adam recovered in the hospital for two days, he reflected upon his life and knew that it was time for a change. Adam knew that if he desired a better outcome, he needed to start doing things very differently in his life. Thoughts of entrepreneurship swirled in his mind for the freedom, earning potential, and limitless opportunities that it offered. The streets kept calling to Adam and he struggled to break away from their grasp over the next few years. Ultimately Adam dropped out of high school.

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“He is not only the man behind the brand but over the years, he has proven himself to be the actual brand”  – Zulfiqar Ali MalikEntrepreneur & Freelance Journalist

This is a true and a simple story of inspiration, motivation, and difference-making. Adam Dudley, a young street kid from the small city of Charlottesville, Virginia is now known by many as an influencer and an inspiring entrepreneur. Also known as ‘Hank’, Adam Dudley was born, October 30th, 1990 and he has recently celebrated his 27th birthday. However, his birthdays during the earlier years of his life were not very pleasant ones as the growing kid had to go through a lot while growing up and that included getting into trouble very frequently. Despite all the odds and obstacles throughout the years, Adam managed to become a living example of hustle and faced every challenge thrown his way.

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Adam & Associates

A team of dedicated virtual assistants, managers, and consultants 

Adam & Associates is a team of dedicated virtual assistants, managers, and consultants who aim to provide an unparalleled level of service for our clients. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a professional, or a small business owner, we are the ones you can depend on to work alongside you on the path towards success.

As a team, we strongly believe in the importance of a healthy balance between work and life. We’re here to help you streamline various aspects of your company or business – things like managing emails and contacts, scheduling, crafting strategies towards specific goals, and other tasks. We are the ones who will give you the edge. With our team on your side, you can focus on what you do best while we handle the rest.

At Adam & Associates, our clients get the best and most efficient virtual assistance service without any fuss. Our mission is quite simple: we’re here to collaborate with you. All you need to do is to give us the details – you can count on us to hit the ground running and get to work immediately. Some of the tasks we can help you out with include:

01. Web Development.
02. Social Media Marketing.
03. Real Estate Virtual Office Management.
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Adam Dudley plans to launch his very own urban signature clothing brand.

Adam Dudley signature urban apparel is a fashion driven and design reeked clothing line that is specialized in high-quality men, women, and kids street wears. Established by entrepreneur and fashion passionate Adam Dudley; this company specializes in providing graphic T-shirts, outwears, bags, head and sport wears for everyone. It offers you an amazing opportunity to shop, wear and look good in attractive outfits.

Adam Dudley is launching a signature of urban street wears for all classes of persons and it offers modeling opportunities to members of the public. This clothing collection will essentially start from street wears and will cut across outwears, footwears, head-wears and even sport wears.

You do not need to look a specific way or have any certain feature to model for Adam Dudley. The e-commerce fashion lifestyle company simply offers you an opportunity to be a face of quality products, and also get paid while doing so. You can seize this opportunity by filling the form available below, it will only take a minute and it offers you a worthwhile opportunity.

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The Adam Dudley signature collection brand was scheduled to launch Spring/Summer 2018, but due to an unfortunate trademark situation, the brand is scheduled to launch at a later time.

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Human Relations.


Creating more opportunity, building trust from a distance. Whether if it was being a client or a partner Adam has assembled a dedicated team of skilled professionals from around the world with his projects being actively established in USA, China, Hong Kong, South Asia, and the UK.

“Been thankful that I was able to work with Adam, he gives a clear instruction of the task and love to work with him again in the future projects.”

Desiree Tagapan – Philippines

Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

 “Great experience again with this client! Adam is a great guy to work with.”


 Jason Wright – U.S.A

Marketing Expert

“Adam was a really good client and I’d be glad to have the opportunity of working with him again..”

Kevin Hall – Dominican Republic 

Branding Specialist

“Thanks, Adam, Love to work with you again!”

Akhawini P. – Lagos, Nigeria

Virtual Assistant

“ Thanks for giving the opportunity to work. Mr. Adam is an excellent client who gives clear requirements & and always available to do discussion

Lahore, Pakistan

Senior Graphic Designer




To get in touch please use the contact form below. For business, please allow 24-48 hours for a response, anything personal will receive an instant response. Contact Adam Dudley for Real Estate investments, Outsourcing services, Brand management, Partnership opportunities, and other general inquiries.

The contact form is currently having some issues. If you need to get in contact with me please e-mail me at adam@officialadamdudley.com 

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