The Genesis And The Rise

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Adam Dudley is a serial entrepreneur who has overcome unbelievable odds to get where he is today. Also known as “Hank,” Adam was born on October 30th, 1990 in Charlottesville, VA. He is the youngest of three boys with two younger sisters, and they were raised without a father.


As a young man, Adam sought attention from other male influences and a genuine sense of belonging. Without a father figure in his life, he found this in the streets near his home. This decision got him running around with the wrong crowd and this quickly led to trouble. He was gaining the independence that he wanted but in all of the wrong ways. One afternoon when he was 14 years old,  Adam was headed home from school when another teenager stabbed him several times in the back. As he bled profusely, he staggered home where he was immediately rushed to the hospital.  

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The Man Behind The Brand

This is a true and a simple story of inspiration, motivation, and difference-making. Adam Dudley, a young street kid from the small city of Charlottesville, Virginia is now known by many as an influencer and an inspiring entrepreneur. Also known as ‘Hank’, Adam Dudley was born, October 30th, 1990 and he has recently celebrated his 27th birthday. However, his birthdays during the earlier years of his life were not very pleasant ones as the growing kid had to go through a lot while growing up and that included getting into trouble very frequently. Despite all the odds and obstacles throughout the years, Adam managed to become a living example of hustle and faced every challenge thrown his way.


Urban apparel line “Adam Dudley” is a fashion lifestyle company created by entrepreneur Adam Dudley. Adam Dudley is launching a signature collection of urban streetwear for men, women, and kids under his given name, Adam Dudley. This clothing collection will start by offering men and women’s graphic T-shirts, then later expanding its collections by offering outerwear, sportswear, headwear, bags, and footwear for men, women, and children. This line signature collection line is expected to launch Spring/Mid Summer of 2018.  Adam is currently seeking Brand Ambassadors worldwide to model in his brand. To submit your interests click the link below!

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