Walker Wear Becomes a Brand

When April Walker was a child, she saw first-hand the life and experience of an entrepreneur. “My father was in the music business and he managed jazz artists. I grew up in that space of watching him beat to his own drum. At the time I didn’t realize I was feeding off of his energy. He was very creative,” she reminisces. It wasn’t long before Walker started her own way, she became an entrepreneur at 20-years-old. She knew that owning her business would be her path in life. Walker had the beginning influences from her father, and an experience in the work force helped her quickly find her purpose. “I was in school for communications and business. I took a job at American Express and I realized from that situation I didn’t want to work for someone else. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I did know I would be working for myself.”

It was a visit to Dapper Dan’s in Harlem that changed everything. “I was amazed at what they were doing. It was a custom tailoring shop and I told myself I am going to open one of these in Brooklyn.” In 1987 Walker started her clothing store Fashion In Effect out of her home, and in 1988 she opened her first clothing shop on Greene Avenue in Brooklyn. Her clothing line Walker Wear launched in the 1990s. This led her to work with many celebrities such as Biggie, the late Aaliyah, Tupac, Run-DMC, and Snoop Dogg among many others. Walker Wear is a historical clothing brand that has a strong place in hip-hop culture and history. It also paved the way for many fashion entrepreneurs. As a pioneer in the industry Walker successfully ran Walker Wear and she is also CEO of A. Walker Group a consulting firm that works with companies from footwear to fashion. (Via The Source)

The Hip Hop Closet is a multipurpose space. It’s a clothing store, eCommerce brand and shared studio where April Walker works and showcases her brand in Brooklyn. The team hosts local events, from streetwear brand activations and game nights to panel discussions and fashion shows. This keeps the boutique relevant to their customer base and helps them to stay connected to the thriving Brooklyn streetwear scene.

About The Hip Hop Closet

Twenty years ago, Kyiesha Kelly and her brother recognized a need to provide the world with access to clothing that speaks to self-style and the desire to express yourself and HipHopCloset.com was born. Kyiesha and several members of her team can be seen in the tour of the Hip Hop Closet and she can also be heard describing the space along with April Walker.

Throughout the years, Hip Hop fashion has evolved into popular fashion and Hip Hop has infiltrated every corner of the world. At the Hip Hop Closet, there is a focus on urban brands that speak to streetwear culture and Hip Hop.

“This culture, at its core is about being bold and unique. It’s about being you. We started this streetwear brand because we know that the right fashion choices will elevate your personal brand. We believe that every customer has the potential to move the entire culture forward, simply by representing their individual style through fashion. We keep you fresh because we know that keeping you fresh gives you the confidence you need to change the world.” (Kyiesha Kelly)

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