The Barriers Are Coming Down: Black Education In America

There’s been a lot of bias against African-Americans and other minorities over the years. It seems there’s always been a roadblock between us and a good education. Many “politicians” will claim that we have the same options that others have, but that simply has not been true.

Before the 2000s, black education was nearly nonexistent with less than 10% of the black population having a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Now, that number has risen dramatically, reaching a staggering 23.9% – a gain of 13.9% in less than 19 years.

So, what has changed?

More Black Teachers

For starters, we have more black teachers now that we’ve ever had. And studies have shown that a black student that encounters a black teacher before the third grade has a better chance to graduate and attend college. That study was produced by the National Bureau of Economic Research and it shows the importance of diversity in the workplace and the education system.

The Income Gap Is Closing

Another reason for this uprising is the fact that the income gap is closing. Overall, we are seeing a change of bias in the workplace. Has it been perfected … NO! We still have to fight for everything that we get, but certain laws have given us the ability to make more than we’ve ever made and to truly be part of an EOO workplace.

Accessibility To The Same Resources

And finally, we’re no longer limited to outdated and/or lacking resources. Where we once had to deal with the leftovers, now we get the same materials as everyone else. The internet has changed everything – ​now, anyone can find out what they need in order to be successful.

You Can Be Successful!

Here’s the thing – ​you can be as successful as you want to be.​ We are no longer held down by the same barriers that once kept us from getting the education we need. Not only can we graduate, but we can get into the same schools as anyone else. And, we have all the tools and resources available for us to succeed.

It doesn’t matter where you grew up or how little you had. What matters is that you believe in yourself. What matters is that you don’t accept just living – ​instead, you make life happen​. Just look at our article on Daymond John and you can see that nothing is holding you back from being successful but you.

In the next 10 to 15 years, there’s a good chance that we’re going to see a 40%+ of the black population with a Bachelor’s degree and/or running their own successful company. It’s not a matter of if …​ It’s a matter of when.

It’s time right now – are you ready?

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