How to work a shift and still reach your goal as an entrepreneur..

Starting your own business can be tricky – it takes time and (severe) lack of sleep to chase and achieve your dreams. But boy is it worth it..

Some people’s journey is one of finding what they fall in love with as an entrepreneur, and others fall into it straight away, however, whatever way, financial needs always need to be fulfilled.

I spoke to the man himself, Adam Dudley, to find out his best advice and own experience when it comes to working for someone else alongside being an entrepreneur to raise funds for your personal project.

Whether you’re crafting someone’s face to look like a superstar or selling your self-designed product, there is nothing better than to hear what an expert in chasing dreams has to say. So, ladies and gentlemen, here come some wise words from Internet entrepreneur, Adam Dudley…

Ellis: “What jobs were you doing at the same time? Were you working at a dining hall at the same time as starting up as an entrepreneur?”

Adam: “Yes, at the time I was working at a dining hall at the University as a dish washer when I decided to become an entrepreneur.”

Ellis: “What made you work for yourself at the same time as working for someone else? Would you advise others who are just starting out to do this? Especially if they are as young as you were [19 years old]?”

Adam: “I wanted the freedom. I wanted to take more control of my life and my time. So I knew after my first week on the job that it wasn’t something I wanted. Starting your own business is exciting and all but deciding to abandon your day job to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams is risky, especially without having a safety net in place. If you’re the type of person who has financial support and the guidance of someone who’s very knowledgeable in what you’re doing, that’s good, use that to your advantage. But if you don’t have those type of resources, a job is your last option in order to bring more money in to find your business.”

Ellis: “What was your home life like when you were doing two jobs at once?”

Adam: “I didn’t really have a home life and by me being single with no kids was really good for me. For my morning job I would wake up around 4-am, every morning. I’d walk my Rottweiler Sheba, feed her, then get a shower, eat, and myself ready for the day. Once I have myself together ready to go that’s when I’ll get in contact with my virtual team to go over our game plan and I’ll assign them to whatever tasks I need for them delegate for me while I was at work. Having a job, or two had it’s benefits, that extra income really helps, especially when it comes to hiring someone to run your operation for you or handle important tasks when you’re not available. I had many Virtual assistants helping me at the time.”

Ellis: “How did you get into reselling merchandise when you already had a job?”

Adam: “I used the only source that I knew to get answers, the Internet. I would head to google and search for ‘work from home jobs’, ‘ecommerce business’, ‘start-up business ideas’, ‘remote opportunities’, etc. My first business I started when I was working in the dining hall was selling small gifts, toys, décor, furniture and household items out of my own personalized catalogs through a company named ‘Small Living Company’ formally SMC. I made all of my money selling to co-workers.”

Ellis: “How did you cope with two jobs at once? What was it like?”

Adam: “It was hard sometimes but I stayed positive. I knew good things take time and I knew I was headed in the right direction, so I kept this focus. The kind of goals that I was trying to accomplish provided me with enough motivation to keep moving towards that goal because that’s the life I wanted.”

Ellis: “How did you change from one area of self-employment to another?”

Adam: “Things got a little difficult for me back when I was running my ecommerce business. My lack of resources and lack of experience played a big role in my transition. But I learned a lot! And the main issue causing these problems always came back to ‘financial’. That’s everyone’s problem. You need financing in order to do whatever it is that you want to do. When I decided to get into Real Estate and deciding this would be my next path I then attended a Real Estate meet up group in my area. When I attended I met this lady named Malinda Allen. She’s a local Real Estate investor who invests in mobile homes. Throughout the meeting I was taking notes while listening on, whilst she was explaining everything to me in detail. The business of “wholesaling” – how you only needed very little to no money to purchase property. After soaking up that type of information, I knew that I had found my next move.”

Ellis: “Would you recommend that others just starting out their journey as an entrepreneur stay in their current job posts and build their business around it, or would you advise cutting down hours and focus only on their own development? What about those who are very young? Would you recommend them to get a “manual lower skilled” job such as waitressing?”

Adam: “For a person who is in my situation, I would recommend remaining in their job, and get side jobs on the weekends to make a little extra if you can. Make all the money that you can, it’s not easy out here. There’s no need to cut hours, unless your business is making enough money. You can always hire a virtual assistant to handle your tasks for you, if you can afford it. Trust me, they will make your life a lot easier when you’re not available. There’s talent all over the world: I’ve hired people from all over the world, like the Philippines, China, London, Bangladesh, India, and here in the U.S. If you have a “manual lower skilled” job then that’s fine – it’s money. Build on what you have until you get something better.”

Interview by Ellis Tilley – United Kingdom

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