Adam Dudley Urban High-Fashion Signature Streetwear Collection

Adam Dudley Signature Model Tiesha “BowTie” Brown

Updated August 6th, 2019


Urban high-fashion streetwear line “Adam Dudley” is a fashion driven and design reeked lifestyle brand established by entrepreneur and fashion passionate Adam Dudley, the urban streetwear signature collection for men and women, under his given name. This apparel collection will offer men and women’s graphic T-shirts, outerwear, sportswear, headwear, bags, footwear, and more for men and women. This brand will offer you an amazing opportunity to shop, wear, and look good in attractive outfits.

Become a Brand Ambassador or a Signature Model

Here’s more information about our upcoming ambassador program;

This collection of urban street wears for all classes of persons and it offers modeling opportunities to members of the public.

You do not need to look a specific way or have any certain features to become a brand ambassador for our brand but we do require professional lifestyle photography shots submitted by our Signature Models. Photos of our signature models will be featured in future publications, advertised on websites, and marketing pieces. Our signature models will also have the opportunity to be featured in our promo videos as well. There are requirements that needs to be met in order to become one of our signature models for our brand. More detailed information about how to become a signature model will be available soon! The e-commerce fashion lifestyle company simply offers you an opportunity to be a face of quality products, and also get paid while doing so.

You can seize this opportunity by registering to become one of our signature models or brand ambassadors by filling out the registration form. (Register To Become A Brand Ambassador)


Before proceeding here’s the necessary information/questions you may need to provide/answer:

  • Do you have an active Instagram profile? (How many followers do you have?)
  • Photos of you carrying on with your day to day activities in our brand wears (at the mall, on the beach, at the movies, pool, just about anywhere and everywhere)
  • Videos of you on different occasions on the brand wears

Marketing requirements:

What am I required to do?

It is simple, post photos/videos of you in brand wears and photos of these wears on the social media; close sales and get paid.

Getting started:

  • Fill and submit the registration form
  • Get your unique discount code
  • Post pictures of you in brand wears at least once a week
  • Tag the Adam Dudley Signature Collection Instagram apparel’s page (Available soon)


Become the brands face and ambassador, sell, and earn!


You stand the chance to model this unique brand, earn as you do so, and access to a list of special packages that are available for ambassadors only.

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Check out our 2018 promo photo and video shoot featuring models Brad and Natalie having a little fun in Kissimmee, and Miami Florida! Not the official brand video!

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