Charlottesville, VA, USA – November 2, 2017: Renowned American Hip Hop Artist, Brandon Dudley has announced that he will be rapping about ‘Vinegar Hill’, a lost piece of history and a neighborhood in Charlottesville, Virginia. Brandon Dudley is on the rise to fame after years of hard work and struggle. Hailing from Charlottesville, Virginia, the hip hop sensation started his music career at the age of only twelve and is now rising to stardom in both Virginia and Nationwide. Brandon is more commonly known among his fans and circles as Brandon “Lee-Bangah”​ ​Dudley​ ​and​ ​the​ ​‘Lee-Bangah’​ ​fan​ ​club​ ​is​ ​growing​ ​strong.

“In 1965, the city of Charlottesville demolished a thriving black neighborhood and my brother Brandon will rap about this marvelous piece of history in his new music video.” Said Adam Dudley, while talking about the upcoming music video. “Many black families in that neighborhood were displaced due to the demolition and this song is an attempt to pay a tribute to all those families while reviving the lost memories of that place.” He added. Brandon was born​ ​on​ ​May​ ​28th,​ ​1988​ ​and​ ​the​ ​artist​ ​has​ ​inspired​ ​new​ ​generation​ ​of​ ​hip​ ​hop​ ​fans​ ​worldwide.

Starting from a very early age of twelve, Leebangah always had a passion for music and videos from being the center of attention in the family events. He also used to perform at the local city talent making moves at an early age in the city with local school talent shows to being featured on the Apollo tour in 2006. Moreover, the artist has also been featured on the front covers of news articles and radio both locally and internationally. Media outlets such as The Underground Fix Magazine, C-Ville weekly, Daily Progress, 92.7 kiss FM, 91.9 FM, Soundz Tight Radio Tha Indie Spot 81.1 hip-hop and several other channels have been regularly featuring​ ​his​ ​performances.

In addition, Brandon ‘Leebangah’ Dudley also reaches out to the local community frequently to keep the music dream alive for his recently deceased nephew Traquan Dudley. The young boy passed away from Leukemia last fall and his tragic death devastated the entire Dudley family. Furthermore, Leebangah also pioneered a new type of dance that is creating a major buzz throughout the internet called ‘The Ugly Dance’. This dance was also used during the national cheerleading competition, which helped a cheer squad bring home the championship. Following all these great things Leebangah still takes the time to make it to the charity events to support other children fighting cancer of all form and spreading his great music to the masses at the​ ​same​ ​time.

CBS19 NEWS – New music video puts Vinegar Hill neighborhood back on the map

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