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The Right Content Will Convert, The Wrong Content Will Kill You

November 2, 2020 Content Marketing
The Right Content Will Convert, The Wrong Content Will Kill You

The purpose of content marketing is to draw visitors to your website. After they are on your website, it is up to you to teach them, help them, and convert them; good content will do that. But, bad content WILL kill your website.

Bad content is not designed to help, teach, or convert. In fact, it is used to suck in visitors and redirect them. It is useless, thin, and full of rambling. Too many webmasters and businesses have leaned on bad content, which is good for you, but bad for them.

You have the ability to use their trust in bad content against them. Bad content will crush a website quickly. The search engine algorithms can tell when a website isn’t providing for their searchers. But, they can also tell when a searcher is getting the help they wanted. So, your goal is to focus on good content only. We’re going to explain to you the differences between good content and bad content, and why the wrong content will kill your website.

What Is Bad Content?

Bad content is content that is written for the sole purpose of gaining visitors without the intention of providing any actual help to them. This is content that is keyword focused in order to rank higher for certain search queries that a visitor might have. Micro niche sites were notorious for having keyword-centric articles without any truly helpful content. Their goal was to get the visitor on the page and then hope that they clicked on an advertisement.

What Is Good Content?

Good content takes time to write. It is thoughtfully crafted with the intention of answering a question (or many questions). It is not written in order to redirect a searcher to an advertisement or subscription service, but it genuinely is written to help them instead.

Good content has substance, has “meat on the bones”. For a searcher, it provides value to them and helps them to achieve what they wanted when they came to your website. Good content will cause searchers to bookmark your website, share it on social media, or come back for more good content.

Good content is not keyword focused. It is not written to rank high for a certain search query. Instead, it truly answers a question (or many questions). It will break everything down, from start to finish, guiding the searcher through each aspect of their query. When the searchers finally does leave, they’ll have exactly what they needed. Good content will compel them to like you (your website).

Bad Content Will Kill Your Website

Using bad content will kill your website. Search engine algorithms are designed to determine who is meeting the needs of their searchers. If a website has a high bounce rate, meaning searchers are leaving after only viewing one page, then the search engine algorithm will devalue that website in the rankings. After so much devaluing, the website becomes irrelevant.

Searchers understand that the information that they are looking for is available online. Even more, they can tell when someone is just trying to redirect them. In today’s marketing environment, good content will convert searchers into customers; bad content will send visitors away and send your search engine rankings plummeting.

In the past, you could get away with using $5 content from websites such as Fiverr and other content mills. But, those days are LONG gone. With the advancement of search engine algorithms and the expectations of searchers, you’ll need to start providing good content that people will want to read and share.

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