Adam Dudley

Internet Entrepreneur

Website Designer

Virtual Assistant

Project Manager

Adam Dudley

Internet Entrepreneur

Website Designer

Virtual Assistant

Project Manager

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My Mission

My mission is to provide top quality content and assistance to my clients who are in need of custom digital services and products for their businesses. I want to create a marketplace for individuals who seek and utilize the power of the internet to promote, enhance, display and add value to their products and businesses with the help of written content and other online services. 

– Adam Dudley

My Team

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Adam Dudley

Adam Dudley is an entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of A&A Virtual Design Studio.

Adam is responsible for communicating and coordinating with a company or organization’s other creative leaders. He is involved with leading his remote staff in the development of the artistic aspects of material that can be used to help promote products or establish and develop a company’s brand. Working closely with leaders of various departments, Adam is responsible for all the design choices that go into a project, including logos, web design, graphics, and development.

Ammar Mughal

Ammar is one of our Certified Software Engineers and partner at A&A Virtual Design Studio.

Ammar’s expertise falls under HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Jquery, PHP, WordPress, Shopify, Magento, React, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Illustrator, On-Page SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, eBay & Amazon Listings, 2D Game Development.

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Hi, I’m Adam.

I’m known by many as an inspiring entrepreneur. Creativity, ideas, imagination, self-discovery and a never-ending motivation are the few among many principles that kept me going throughout the years. At a very early age, I realized the true potential offered by the internet and decided to capitalize on the online world of opportunities and possibilities.

After tapping into the virtual world, it opened my mind and this allowed me to identify and create new opportunities for myself. I have worked many jobs over the years doing whatever I had to do in order to finance my own ventures and to make a living while assembling, managing, and delegating tasks to remote operational teams in multiple continents.

Throughout the years i’ve recruited a large team of talented designers, developers, engineers, marketers and entrepreneurs covering all tech stacks on the market. My team stretches from here in the U.S to overseas using technology to account for the physical distance.

Now, I never attended a fancy college, university or anything like that, but that hasn’t stopped me from starting my own company. Nobody can really teach you anything, they can only inspire you to teach yourself. So, if you want to learn something you’ll have to take matters into your own hands. My greatest secret is that I learned a lot from my experiences and my mistakes and I never really limited myself. 

Starting out selling household products and gifts out of my branded catalogs to my co-workers at the age of 19 at my first job, to selling apparel on my e-commerce website is what gained me first hand sales experience. But my journey of diversification didn’t stop there. When I finally discovered what I wanted out of life that helped me seek out the right people I needed to connect with.

My Personality Type:

My personality type is INTJ (Introverted, intuitive, Thinking, Judging). You can best describe me as the quiet Inventor. We’re imaginative, decisive and curious. Often recognized as bookworms, The Quiet Inventor is private in their studies and is fueled by mastery of their craft. But once they’ve built something they’re proud of, they can’t wait to share it with others. We prefer to start out small and slowly prove our success before we expand. As an introvert I absolutely need a private, quiet space to retreat to when the world is too loud. Ideally, it’s a room that I can have full control of, and once i’m there, that’s when the magic happens.

My Leadership Style:

My leadership style is more democratic and participative. I also believe in the art of delegation, finding the right people and giving them the freedom and push to flourish on their own.

How Do Others See Me?

Typically reserved and serious, and spend a lot of time thinking. I thoroughly examine information I receive, and if asked a question, I’ll typically consider it at length before presenting a careful, complex answer. I think critically and clearly, and often have an idea about how to do something more efficiently.

Your Creative Solutions Provider!

A&A Virtual Design Studio is a full-stack development agency founded by Adam Dudley based out of Charlottesville, Virginia that creates custom solutions and digital products on the web and mobile for executives and entrepreneurs helping to build startups and growing operations ranging from small and mid-size companies to enterprise.

Each service that we proudly provide is tailored for you and customized according to your specific needs. We believe in paying particular attention to each and every detail of our work and to make each project successful, our team remains in touch with you at all times. We take great pride in listening to each client and offering them the services that they have envisioned, while also adding our professional creative input.

Client and partner reviews

What people say?

Adam Dudley has dedicated time to support Bazkazoo Ltd in creating and inspiring. I'm looking forward to an ongoing business relationship with Adam and his team. An Independent, dedicated and reliable professional. Adam Dudley is customer focused and multi-skilled with huge knowledge of website design and marketing, with a very positive attitude towards work.
Hannah Dunning
Ascot, Berkshire, United Kingdom
Thanks for the opportunity Adam. I look forward to working with you in the future 🙂
Jasmin Ferraz
Davao City, Philippines
Contact me

For any inquiries please email, or text!

Mailing Address:

435 Merchant Walk Square Ste 300 – #513
Charlottesville VIRGINIA 22902 United States

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Most frequent questions and answers

My Web Consultancy services including web design, mobile app design, or any type of development work, my rate starts at $75 per hour, depending on the scope of project. For any Virtual administrative assistance my rate starts at $25 per hour. You hire me, and you get my team as well with years of experience who worked in diverse sectors and with different skills in areas such as Corporate Finance, General Management, Business Development, Marketing Research, Web and Software Development, and more. We work better as a team.

We can manage multiple number of projects at once. You will receive access to our secure and private communication portal, through which we will share files, chat, discuss, plan, and organize activities. To make it convenient for you, we offer everything in one place! If you have placed multiple orders with us, you can manage them all from the same portal. You can also use the portal to pay invoices. Each client has access to their information. All files and data are transferred via 256-bit SSL encryption, ensuring the same security level provided by most banks. Plus, data and information are stored on HIPAA and EU Privacy Shield compliant servers to provide maximum security. This new feature will be ready soon! Check it out here!

I accept all major credit card payments through Quickbooks and stripe. Direct bank deposits is accepted as well.

Yes! I’m happy to sign one. I/we respect your privacy.